Healthy 2-Ingredient Strawberry Applesauce

Strawberries, apples in addition to 45 minutes are all y'all bespeak for this salubrious strawberry applesauce! Naturally vegan, gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free in addition to complimentary of added sugar.
My parents used to lead hold my blood brother in addition to I to TGI Friday’s pretty frequently in addition to I ordered the same affair every fourth dimension – chicken fingers, French fries in addition to strawberry applesauce. Still to this day, if I detect chicken fingers on a menu, that’s what I’m getting. Menus alongside strawberry applesauce are a piddling less commonplace in addition to non knowing how slow homemade applesauce was to make, I tried dissimilar brands of store-bought varieties but they simply didn’t mensurate upward (or at least, they didn’t mensurate upward to my retentivity of what the strawberry applesauce at Friday’s was like!)
I posted some other recipe for strawberry applesauce a few years agone but I broke my deadening cooker in addition to thence I had to detect a novel means to gear upward the applesauce. This recipe is dissimilar plenty that I figured it warranted some other post!

 minutes are all y'all bespeak for this salubrious strawberry applesauce Healthy 2-Ingredient Strawberry Applesauce

When I posted my kickoff strawberry applesauce recipe, I idea applesauce needed to ready for a long fourth dimension thence I used a deadening cooker. That’s totally unnecessary! You seriously simply bespeak thirty minutes on the stove top.
It’s thence absurdly uncomplicated to make. You don’t fifty-fifty bespeak to peel the apples every bit they intermission downward during cooking in addition to if y'all operate an apple slicer / corer, this is actually quick to prepare. Apple slices in addition to hulled strawberries – y'all simply set them inwards a large pot, encompass in addition to simmer for thirty minutes. Cool in addition to puree!
I also left out the apple tree juice, which I had previously used every bit sweetener. We went strawberry picking of late in addition to came dorsum alongside some almost candy-like strawberries. This resulted inwards strawberry applesauce that was thence sweetness that I can’t fifty-fifty swallow all that much at a time. However, if you’re using some less than stellar off-season strawberries, this applesauce probable won’t endure all that delicious.

 minutes are all y'all bespeak for this salubrious strawberry applesauce Healthy 2-Ingredient Strawberry Applesauce

And build certain to operate sweetness apples in addition to goose egg tart! I honestly simply operate whatever inexpensive apples I lead hold around. This isn’t an apple tree pie or a fruit dessert where y'all bespeak to worry almost the texture thence simply become alongside whatever y'all lead hold – except Red Delicious! Your apples should lead hold at to the lowest degree a piddling sense of savour to them. ;)
Whenever I detect myself alongside every bit good many strawberries, I build upward a large batch of this strawberry applesauce, fully intending to swallow it all past times myself inside v days, but in addition to thence I larn nervous in addition to freeze whatever I lead hold left afterwards iv days. If it sits inwards at that spot for every bit good long, you’ll know past times the smell. If it smells funky, you’ll bespeak to throw it out, which is every bit deplorable every bit it sounds. I recommend mensuration out a loving cup per solar daytime or whatever y'all retrieve you’ll swallow over the side past times side iv days, in addition to instantly freeze the rest. Sometimes it keeps good for a total week, sometimes not, thence I simply err on the side of caution in addition to stick to iv days.
If y'all desire to build a dissimilar sized batch, the proportions are roughly 1/3 strawberries in addition to 2/3 apples past times weight. So 1 pound strawberries in addition to iii pounds apples. Simmer until soft, puree in addition to enjoy. :)

Healthy 2-Ingredient Strawberry Applesauce (naturally vegan, gluten-free, paleo)

 minutes are all y'all bespeak for this salubrious strawberry applesauce Healthy 2-Ingredient Strawberry Applesauce
  • Prep Time: 
  • Cook Time: 
  • Ready in: 
  • Yield: 6-8 cups


  • 3½ pounds (1587 grams or almost vii large apples) unpeeled sweetness apples
  • 18 ounces (510 grams or almost iv cups) sweetness in addition to ripe strawberries, rinsed in addition to hulled


  1. Core each apple tree (do non peel!) in addition to cutting into almost half dozen pieces. Add the apples in addition to strawberries to a large pot. Add almost ½" of water. Bring to a boil, cover, in addition to simmer for almost thirty minutes. Check almost halfway through to build certain there's a piddling liquid on the bottom of the pot (to ensure that they don't stick). The apples should endure real soft now. If they aren't, simmer inwards 5-minute increments until they are.
  2. Remove from the oestrus in addition to allow cool for almost xx minutes in addition to and thence operate an immersion blender to puree the applesauce. You tin also operate a blender or nutrient processor but an immersion blender is quickest, easiest in addition to the to the lowest degree messy.
  3. Cool completely in addition to refrigerate inwards an airtight container for upward to iv days. Freeze whatever remaining applesauce afterwards that.
Enjoy! Comment below what y'all think! I beloved to remove heed your feedback!

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