6 Ways To Vantage Weight Loss Success—Without Using Food

Granting rewards is a dandy agency to remain motivated when dieting, until yous pat yourself on the dorsum amongst 2 giant scoops of rocky road. You definitely deserve kudos for dropping five pounds, but if your gift includes chowing downward on an entire day's worth of saturated fat, yous could last setting yourself back. "When it comes to weight loss, all of the gifts or rewards along the agency should attention yous run toward your ultimate goal--not against it," says Michael Bronco, a personal trainer too possessor of Bronco's Gym inwards Charlotte, SC. So here's a novel idea: Treat yourself to things that volition attention yous striking some other milestone. The fun that follows is lite too volition maintain yous motivated for the long haul.

Take a Healthy Cooking Class

Mastery of the microwave tin acquire yous alone too hence much culinary clout, specially when it comes to preparing salubrious meals. And if your carte du jour tends to include entrées from the freezer aisle, there's a skilful run a endangerment you're getting to a greater extent than sodium too saturated fatty than you'd like. Not alone volition a cooking cast attention yous larn the departure betwixt sautéing too simmering, but also develop a science that volition move purpose of your continued success, says Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD, too writer of The SuperFoods Rx Diet.

Show Your Tootsies Some TLC

Pampering yourself doesn't cause got to position a huge hole inwards your pocket. Celebrate all your feet create for you--walk, run, hike, too bike--with a relaxing pedicure. You'll move out amongst sparkling toes, smoother skin, too fifty-fifty less hurting too fatigue. Pedicures oft include a mini human foot massage that mimics techniques used inwards reflexology, a holistic handling that involves applying pressure level to the feet to meliorate health. Reflexology sessions tin cost from $50 to $200, but when yous cause got a pedicure yous acquire a sense of savor of the handling for free.

Strike a Pose

Did yous e'er dream of strutting downward the catwalk? Schedule a photograph shoot for yourself 4, 5, or half dozen months inwards the hereafter too start getting prepare for your close-up now. "Photo shoots tin last a really dandy motivator," says Bronco. "When yous purchase that bathing adjust ahead of the flavour too hang it on your cupboard door, yous can't attention but think, 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to last modeling that?'" The experience mightiness audio scary at first, but it's really the ultimate confidence booster, says Bronco. "We walk to a greater extent than or less feeling similar the globe sees us every bit fat, or gawky, or whatever. Then of a abrupt a lensman is telling yous how dandy yous await too it really changes your perception of who yous are."

Spring for Something Sparkly

Tying a string to a greater extent than or less your finger to attention jog your retentiveness is too hence final century. Instead, process yourself to a jeweled bracelet or fancy lookout to serve every bit a reminder of your weight loss destination too the salubrious conduct that it took to make it. "Every fourth dimension yous run into the bangle that yous bought for yourself afterward losing five pounds, or afterward completing a calendar week of nutritious eating, it'll last similar a lilliputian pat on the back," says Bazilian. "Keep it on your eating manus or the manus yous gesture amongst oft too hence you're less probable to forget too sideslip up." (And yous tin nonetheless utilization sparkle every bit a salubrious eating cue fifty-fifty if yous don't desire to drib large bucks on bling. Opt for a manicure inwards a vibrant color too your shiny novel nails volition attention yous maintain your hands out of the cookie jar.)

Share Your Success With Friends

It takes 2 to tango too 11 to champaign a soccer team, too hence possibly working out is simply to a greater extent than fun amongst friends. Seek a personal trainer or boot camp instructor to atomic number 82 a special session for yous too a buddy. (Sometimes a trainer volition fifty-fifty motorcoach 2 for the cost of one!) Not alone volition yous feed off of each other's energy, but also yous mightiness inspire your bestie to acquire started on his or her ain wellness too wellness journey.

Escape for a Spa Week

What's the ultimate gift to yourself? How close peace, serenity, too delicious portion-controlled spa food? Enjoy your own Eat, Pray, Love experience during a calendar week that's really all close you--and your wellness, of course! All-inclusive spas similar Golden Door combine fitness, salubrious gourmet food, spa treatments, rest, too renewal into 1 blissful getaway. It's a consummate celebration of your wellness too your journey, says Bazilian.


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