50 Non-Food Rewards For Fitness As Well As Weight Loss

Losing weight too maintaining salubrious habits are both challenging, but that doesn't hateful they shouldn't also live on rewarding. Besides the intrinsic benefits that come upwards from feeling improve too reaching novel goals, rewarding yourself for your salubrious efforts volition reinforce your novel habits too inspire y'all to proceed your journey.

There are lots of effective too motivating ways to reward yourself (both large too small), but commencement y'all demand to come upwards up amongst a system. One slow solution is to necktie rewards toSparkPoints or fitness minutes rather than weight loss alone. Start past times choosing a target that is challenging but non unreachable. For example, give yourself a vantage if y'all attain 600 fitness minutes inwards a calendar month or each fourth dimension y'all earn 500 SparkPoints.

Before I discovered SparkPeople, I created my ain vantage organisation that had 2 components: i to vantage salubrious behaviors, which are the only things y'all tin genuinely control, too merely about other to grade weight-loss progress. It's rattling similar to earning SparkPoints, which y'all tin add together upwards past times doing salubrious tasks such every bit tracking your food, exercising or utilizing the supportive Community. But if y'all receive got merely about specific behaviors that SparkPoints don't cover, y'all tin purpose this listing for ideas too customize it all the same y'all want to check your ain goals.

My Healthy Choices Reward System

1 star for going to the gym
1 star for going to the gym 3 times inwards i week
1 star for walking at to the lowest degree thirty minutes
1 star for walking exterior inwards temperatures below 20 or inwards a higher identify 80
1 star for drinking at to the lowest degree vi cups of H2O per day
2 stars for drinking 8 or to a greater extent than cups of H2O per day
2 stars for staying below my daily carb range
1 star for coming together my daily calorie goal
2 stars for non weighing myself to a greater extent than than i time a week
100 stars = I got a vantage from my list
To grade my weight-loss progress, I bought an old-fashioned argent charm bracelet too added a novel charm for every 10 pounds I lost. I chose charms amongst symbolic pregnant to remind me of my journeying too all my difficult work. For example, because walking helped me drib the commencement 10 pounds, I chose a argent sneaker. When I got halfway to my destination weight, I chose a tiny duet of scissors.

50 Non-Food Reward Ideas

Almost anything tin move every bit a vantage every bit long every bit it fits into your budget too doesn't undermine your efforts. Fooddoes undermine your efforts, too thence ever direct ways to vantage yourself that don't involve eating. What industrial plant every bit a vantage should live on inspiring to you; otherwise, it won't compel y'all to stick to your program. Here are 50 ideas to larn y'all started (arranged from to the lowest degree expensive or time-consuming to most):

1. Give yourself permission to receive got a nap.
2. Visit the library or bookstore all past times yourself.
3. Have a guilt-free home spa afternoon.
4. Sleep in!
5. Take a selfie to celebrate your progress.
6. Spend an lx minutes away from your scream upwards or computer.
7. Eat luncheon exterior or at to the lowest degree away from your desk.
8. Clean out your cupboard too donate all your too-big clothing to charity.
9. Post your progress on social media (or SparkPeople) too thence your friends 
can celebrate amongst you.
10. Take a bubble bath.
11. Drive to a beautiful neighborhood or common to walk instead of taking 
your common walking route.
12. Use smiley confront or star stickers to complaint milestones on a wall calendar 
hung inwards a prominent place.
13. Make your ain ribbon or trophy.
14. Make or purchase a fridge magnet amongst a motivational quote.
15. Take a opor-garai twenty-four lx minutes stream from move to produce whatever y'all want!
16. Unwind amongst a motion-picture present of your choice.
17. Plan a nighttime out amongst your friends.
18. Buy a lottery ticket.
19. Subscribe to a fitness or salubrious cooking magazine.
20. Get a novel driver's license photo. (Don't prevarication most your weight.)
21. Download a new fitness app for your phone.
22. Buy a new workout song.
23. Get yourself a bottle of fancy shower gel or lotion.
24. Pick upwards a novel flora for your garden.
25. Invest inwards merely about moisture-wicking workout socks.
26. Get fitted for a new sports bra.
27. Try a novel shade of boom polish.
28. Get merely about novel shades for outdoor exercise.
29. Come abode amongst a bouquet of flowers.
30. Try a fresh pilus color.
31. Buy a pocket-size personal blender for smoothies too poly peptide shakes.
32. Order a duet of high-end wireless headphones.
33. Invest is a fitness tracker to motivate y'all fifty-fifty more.
34. Sign upwards for a charity walk or running event.
35. Splurge on merely about prissy yoga pants.
36. Go for a mani/pedi.
37. Treat yourself to a massage!
38. Take a cooking shape to upwards your game.
39. Get a novel hairstyle.
40. Get fitted for workout shoes at a running store.
41. Go for a flashy piercing or tattoo!
42. Start a charm bracelet.
43. Get your rings resized to check your smaller fingers.
44. Plan a weekend getaway amongst your important other.
45. Adopt a Canis familiaris too thence you'll ever receive got a walking buddy.
46. Hire someone to construct clean your trouble solid too thence y'all receive got to a greater extent than fourth dimension to striking the gym.
47. Try a fun practice class like Zumba or pole fitness.
48. Book a session amongst a personal trainer.
49. Schedule a professional person portrait shoot.
50. Two words: Dream vacation!

There are countless ways to vantage yourself, too spell it may look trivial, query shows that rewards that are personal to us produce inwards fact deal us rest motivated too institute long-term habits. It's worth the fourth dimension to come upwards up amongst a organisation too a listing of rewards for your ain milestones!

What are your favorite ways to vantage yourself for salubrious habits or weight loss?


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